MiCoachee Goes Beyond Your Typical Fitness and Weight Loss App

MiCoachee literally transforms the way you think about food, dieting, and exercise.


Does your FitBit or Google Fit app help you conquer those obstacles that make it so hard to lose weight or get fit in the first place? No.

With most fitness apps, you log your food, record your exercise, check your step count, and then what? Once a week you weigh yourself, and you either celebrate or you don’t. But what do you really do with your information?

How are we Different?

Effective Combination

Blending accountability and guided support, we help you tap into the motivation you need to keep working toward your goals and not give up!

Designed Around You

Your program is 100% customized to your goals, needs, and obstacles, and as you make progress, we modify your plan to adapt!

Easy Access

Our program is fast and easy to use, and our convenient app lets you access your program when and where you need it most!

Fast Results

We give you the motivation to make the most of your diet or exercise plan helping you to feel differences in 1-2 days and see results in less than a week!

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Our premium program that combines both healthy eating and fitness support for optimum health

How It Works

1. Sign up

Take a quick assessment and link your trackers so we can get a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be!

2. Get Started

Start your individualized plan with a few simple activities that give you a feel for the how MiCoachee works and what works best for you!

3. Keep It Going

Stick with it every day to see and feel changes both physically AND mentally and continue to give us your feedback so we can modify your plan as needed.

4. Healthy For Life

Develop the healthy habits and positive mindset that motivate you to keep pushing past your boundaries, experiencing long-lasting weight loss and unparalleled health and vitality!

When You Need More Than Just Motivation & Willpower

You DO Have the Willpower to Lose Weight and Get Fit

It’s not a lack of willpower stopping you from achieving fitness and weight loss success. There are specific, deeply ingrained behaviors, habits, self-doubts, and limiting beliefs that stop you from making your goals into a reality.

MiCoachee addresses your specific obstacles with innovative, individualized behavior-modifying techniques, including:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness Exercises

Each tool we provide is geared toward one of two things:

Putting an end to the procrastination, the “I CAN’T” thoughts, and the negative behaviors that sabotage your success
Creating positive habits, building motivation, & leading you to lifelong, constructive shifts to how you think of health, diet, & fitness


MiCoachee is easy to use with our mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

Take MiCoachee anywhere and get the support and accountability from our Support Team right when you need it most.


MiCoachee frequently asks you for feedback about where you are in your journey and analyzes data from your integrated apps and trackers to give you an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of your progress.

You’ll also receive updated coaching and targeted activities to motivate you to keep making and maintaining lifelong choices that lead you to increased vitality, energy, and health!!


MiCoachee provides you with the wellness programming and tools previously unavailable to anyone without expensive, 1:1 personal sessions

With our technology, you can have unlimited access to personal, highly effective coaching developed for you.


Instead of waiting a week to work with a personal trainer or a month to meet with a nutritionist, we’re with you 24/7, keeping you motivated and on track to meet your goals as you work on your diet or fitness plan.

With our integrative approach to health and fitness coaching, you will see results faster than you thought possible all while developing lifelong healthy habits.

What Happens When You Get Started?

Day 1 - Getting to Know You!

Fill out a simple questionnaire about your current statistics, goals, and obstacles to help us develop a program just for you.

Day 2 - Getting Started!

We send you your customized behavior science and modification tasks to start along with supportive coaching and guidance to get you started.

Days 3-7 Transformation Begins!

As you follow your plan and use your sessions, you can start seeing and feeling changes as early as five days. You’ll begin giving feedback and MiCoachee will begin tailoring your plan as you move forward.

Day 8-21 New Habits Develop!

When you begin your second week, we will introduce you to some habit-breaking modification tools that will also include how to reinforce changes or overcome challenges. During this time, we’ll keep receiving your feedback and modifying your plan to best suit your needs.

Day 22 and Beyond!

Our focus as you continue moving forward is to see how you’re progressing and what you want to focus on. Each person’s experience varies depending on what you want to work toward or what your goals are, but no matter what, we’ll be right with you offering you continued tools to strengthen your determination, keep you motivated, and break through obstacles as you face them.

We’re with you every step of the way

Feeling like giving up or throwing in the towel? We’re here to get you back on track, and if we haven’t heard from you, you’ll get gentle text or email reminders to encourage you to keep going.

What You Get With MiCoachee







Get more out of your fitness tracker with MiCoachee!

Use with your favorite apps and wearables

What sets MiCoachee apart from any other fitness application is it goes beyond tracking information. Our platform lets you integrate your FitBit, Apple Watch, Google Fit or many popular fitness apps to get a comprehensive view of where you are on your course toward health and fitness!

We use your feedback and fitness tracking data to customize your integrative digital coaching plan. Plus, you can access your assessment and information and get a clear picture of your progress so you stay motivated and keep moving forward!


You Will Feel Results Right Away!

We understand the challenges you face as you work to reach your fullest health and fitness potential, and we have the innovative techniques that help you rise above them. With our integrative approach to health and fitness coaching, you will see results faster than you thought possible all while developing lifelong healthy habits. With the mobile convenience of MiCoachee, we are here for you 24/7, whenever and wherever you need us most! Think of us as your personal mobile coach here to help guide you to victory!

The Science is Sound.