Feel rejuvenated with MiCoachee's Over 40s Program

It is never too late to get in the best shape of your life

Let MiCoachee help you create the lifestyle that you can live with determination and newfound optimism.

Are you over 40 and finding it more difficult to workout than before?

Making a change is possible, it all starts with the mind. Change your mindset, change your life.

MiCoachee is Unlike Anything You Have Tried in the Past

Brain Science Techniques

We combine brain science and data science models to help you improve old habits and create a new way of thinking about food and exercise. We help you put your goals into action.

Easy to Use

MiCoachee is a simple and straightforward application that can be used with your tracking device. You’ll get on-demand tools to identify the triggers that can derail your weight loss efforts.

Totally Mobile

Easy to access on your computer, mobile device, or fitness tracker. Use MiCoachee when and where you need it, and get the motivation you need at the most important times. MiCoachee goes with you and helps you become confident in your ability to change.

The Time is Now to Restart Your Life Start Aging Without Limits!

MiCoachee’sMaster’s Program is designed to help those over forty realize that there is no better time than now to work on becoming the greatest version of you! Let MiCoachee show you just how possible it is to feel your best, uncover what is holding you back, and age without limits! Make your next 40 your best 40!

The MiCoacheeMaster’s Program helps you establish healthy habits in more than one area of your life while helping you see results faster than you thought possible. With a multi-level approach, establish an exercise routine that works for you, healthy eating habits, and ways to manage stress.

What You Get WithMiCoachee

SUPPORT to overcome diet and exercise challenges

WORKS with your favorite diet and exercise program

PERSONALIZED, there-when-you-need-it coaching

MAKE BETTER food decisions in the moment

ALIGN YOUR GOALS with your weight loss program

LEARN how to avoid cravings

JUMP START your current exercise plan

IMPROVE your energy levels and reduce stress

ENHANCE your enjoyment of exercise

Learn How to Use Mindfulness to Stop Overeating and Limiting Beliefs in Their Tracks

See an example of an easy mind technique to help you avoid food craving or change how you look at a specific food item going forward.


Learn How to Use Visualization to Help You Exercise More & Get More Out of Your Workouts


IOS and Android compatible

Use with your favorite apps and wearables

You can now use your fitness tracker for more than just tracking!

MiCoachee will help to keep you motivated and on top of your goals and progress all with the convenience of using your fitness watch. You will have access to your assessments, personality, nutrition, as well as many other data points that will help you reach your goals with the use of your individualized plan!

Keep your wellness plan all in one place with MiCoachee.


Turn midlife changes into midlife breakthroughs!

  • End limiting beliefs and create positive, lifelong habits
  • Create the positive and healthy life you have been dreaming of
  • Unleash the best version of you

Within days of starting the MiCoachee Master’s program, you’ll feel better and more confident about achieving your diet and fitness goals.Beinghealthy starts to look and feel easily attainable.


“I am following the plan you set up for me and I feel great! I have been losing weight and feeling more energized! ”

“There are no miracles happening here with this program. What I have found here is help. Help to do everything I need to do to be able to do what I want to do.”

Change Your Thoughts and Habits, One Day at a Time

If you’re like most people, you’ve started an exercise program or joined a gym, but procrastinate getting started or going the distance.

24/7 Support

You get 24/7, around-the-clock accountability and support with on-demand, personalized coaching.

Intensive, Simple Techniques

End procrastination. Jump start a new exercise program. Feel good about yourself and your progress.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

You be the judge. If you give MiCoachee a chance by trying each initiative in your assessment plan, and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

MiCoachee will create positive progress. Try it out for a free 10-day trial period at OUR risk, not yours. This means you have nothing to lose, but SO MUCH to gain!